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Pulper Auxiliary Equipment

Pulper Auxiliary Equipment

Complete your operation with our pulper auxiliary equipment. NEILSEN & HIEBERT SYSTEMS has provided raggers, tail cutters, junk tower grapple hoists and reject dewatering drums and conveyors for customers all over the world. Improve the operation of your pulping system with durable and reliable equiipment designed for the harsh environments associated with waste paper recycling processes.


Ragger Raggers are designed for use in a continuous pulping operation. They remove debris, such as wire, plastic, string, and other non-pulpable materials found in OCC and other recycled materials from low consistency pulpers. It can be designed to automatically cycle ahead to slowly allow a Ragger Tail to build and be continually pulled from the pulper tub without manual intervention.  Available in sizes from 24" to 40" inches and in custom sizes to suit your specific needs.

Ragger Tail Cutters

Used in conjunction with the Ragger, Tail Cutters are designed to cut the tail into smaller lengths for ease of handling, or to allow larger quantities of smaller pieces to be discharged into garbage hoppers to lower landfill costs. Sizes are available to match the Ragger and most commonly are bought the same size as the Ragger, though some application may require larger sizes.

Junk Tower Grapple Hoists

Consisting of a hoist, hydraulic power unit, grapple and trolley system, a Grapple Hoist is designed to retrieve and discard material from a pulper junk tower.  Standard sizes are rated for 1 and 2 ton capacities with grapple sizes of 48" to 72" inch diameter to match the junk tower.  Specially designed tongs grab and remove debris accumulating at the bottom of the tower, hoist it up and out and transport it to a discharge point in the system.  Manual and automatic operation is available and trolley rails can be installed to circumnavigate from the trash well to discharge and back to the home position.  Most installations are custom for the application.

Pulper Trash Handling

Keep it Clean with Junk Towers & Drum Screens

NEILSEN & HIEBERT SYSTEMS offers a complete range of options for waste removal in pulping systems.  Our engineers are capable of designing and building pulper junk towers, grapple hoists, dewatering drum screens and conveyors designed to remove the trash from your pulper.

Dewatering Drum Screen

The Dewatering Drum is designed to handle light rejects from the detrasher in both high and low consistency pulping operations. Flow-through and counter-flow models are available in 40" to 60" diameters and from 80" to 140" lengths. Larger sizes can be special ordered for multiple detrasher operations.

Dewatering Conveyor

Dewatering conveyors are designed to handle the heavy rejects from modern detrashers on high consistency applications. Consisting of a stainless steel perforated shell and a cleated rubber belt, this conveyor will help remove rejects from discharge applications below floor level that need to be elevated to reach trash bins or other removal systems.

Large Drum