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Bale Dewiring

Manual and Automatic Bale Dewiring

Automatic Bale Wire Cutting

Automatic Bale Dewiring

We offer two standard bale dewiring options in our Wiremaster line. Choose from either one, and tailor them to meet your unique needs.

Wiremaster 1

The Wiremaster 1 is an automatic bale dewiring solution designed for batch, continuous, or drum pulping applications. It offers a precise material metering system to ensure the proper material is delivered to the baler. Inside, you'll find a bale cutter, wire puller and collector, and a wire coiling or cutting mechanism, along with a prefeed and discharge conveyor.

Bale Dewiring

Wiremaster 2

This automatic bale dewiring system is built for virgin fiber bales. It can process up to 120 bales per hour and is typically made up of bale receiving and storage conveyors with destacking units, along with a wire cutting and collection unit, a wire coiler, and a metal detection system with a pulper feed conveyor. Options include a unitized stack dewiring system, a batch metering system for custom mixing of pulp bales to blend recipes, turntables, shuttle carts, and conveyors to move batches among a series of pulpers from one feed source.


The WireHawg is designed to break open waste bales of OCC and other materials while moving on the conveyor to the pulper eliminating the need for dangerous and time consuming manual cutting of bale wires.  Mounted over an new or existing pulper feed conveyor, the WireHawg can be set to cycle automatically through a cut cycle at preset lengths of travel to cut a variety of bale lengths that may be introduced during operations.  A large guillotine type cutter is hydraulically operated and swings through a range of motion during the cut cycle to allow continuous pulping and eliminating the need to constantly start and stop the conveyor when manual wire cutting is taking place.