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Broke Conveyors

Broke Conveyors & Handling Equipment

NEILSEN & HIEBERT SYSTEMS, INC. creates a range of broke handling systems, including broke conveyors and custom solutions. Our Pelham, Alabama, facility will work directly with you to create the customized solutions you need. If a machine part becomes defective, we provide part fabrication to replace it.

Broke Handling

Under Machine Broke Conveyor - Continuous Type

Our continuous-style under-machine broke conveyor is designed to handle full sheet breaks from the paper machine, which typically fall to the basement floor. A reinforced load section can be added to absorb the impact of heavy sheet slabs falling from above. Loose slabs from cull rolls or cuttings from operators' roll dressing operations can be loaded through openings in the floor or via fork truck from the end of the conveyor. A full width fabric or multiple rubber belts can be used as the conveying medium. The unique frame design allows for easy installations during short outages, and the speed of the conveyor allows for heavier loads to move quickly as the paper machine breaks through a large volume of paper before a shutdown can take place.

Under Machine Broke Conveyor - Window Shade Type

Our window shade conveyor is designed to handle lower volumes of sheet or loose material, and they're built for a lighter maximum design load. The conveyor uses a paper machine fabric as the carry medium and rolls up around a large roll at the discharge point, much like an old window shade.

Once the material is discharged, a motor retracts the conveyor into its receiving position, making ready for the next load. The felt typically runs along the floor with a set track and rollers to guide it along its path. At the discharge, a slight incline is used to allow room for the take up and to provide elevation for the material to discharge over the pulper edge. This conveyor can run over great distances with small horsepower drives and it makes the unit more economical to purchase, install, and operate.