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Roll Handling

Roll Handling

NEILSEN & HIEBERT SYSTEMS offers a complete line of roll handling equipment from complete systems to individual components for all types of paper products.  From the winder to the shipping discharge conveyor NHS will work closely with you to provide the perfect solution for your roll handling system. This will help to improve your profitability and the working environment for your employees. The roll handling equipment you need are available from our company.

Roll Splitters

Cull roll handling is done on our roll splitters, which can be manufactured to handle any size from 40" to 120" diameters by 120" widths. The system comes complete with a hydraulic power unit and an electrical control panel. These can be custom manufactured for even larger rolls by request, and our largest to date was designed to cut 120" by 158" wide rolls.

Our roll splitter conveyors are used to feed and process the cull roll through the splitter system, and lengths can vary based on your operating methods. These conveyors are typically rubber belt, though we have mounted a splitter to a steel apron pan conveyor by request. The conveyor can be designed to allow a roll to be cut into halves, or quartered into smaller sections that can be handled in pulpers with capacities less than full roll loads.

Lift Cradles & Tilt Tables

These devices are designed to work in conjunction with roll splitter conveyor systems to life a roll onto the conveyor for processing. It eliminates the need for fork or clamp trunks to lift and manipulate rolls off the floor to elevated loading locations, and helps ensure the safety of operators and drivers. They can easily be rolled into the cradle and are held in place to prevent accidents. Lift tables can also be used to load the roll into cutting position and then tilted further to slide the cut roll off of the splitter and into the pulper, or onto a pulper feed conveyor.