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Roll Wrapping

Simple Roll Wrapping Systems

Count on NEILSEN & HIEBERT SYSTEMS, INC. to deliver high-quality roll wrapping systems, as well as system audits to help improve functionality. When you use our paper machines, your own process becomes more efficient. Our team in Pelham, Alabama, has provided a range of machines and solutions locally and all around the world.

Roll Wrapping System

Threadless Wrap System

Our Threadless Wrap System reduces the number of backstands required by a typical operation. You can also quickly change backstands without taking the system offline.

Traditional Wrap System

The traditional wrap line consists of a multi-backstand arrangement designed to handle the wide variety of roll widths you may process. The traditional system can be either a low profile or overhead type dispenser.

Upgrade Existing Wrap Line

New and upgraded components and spare parts to replace existing problematic sub systems or components in your current roll wrap system.

System Audits

During audits, our experienced team of Engineers will evaluate your existing system and make recommendations to improve the reliability, uptime, and performance of your system and help eliminate problems you might be experiencing. Written reports and a list of recommended parts and upgrades are provided to the customer for implementation by the customer.